Yoga Therapy for Special Children

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Pre-Requisite Courses: NONE

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Course Abstract

This course has been approved for 1.0 continuing education clock hours by TSHA. TSHA approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.
This course consists of slides viewed at the participant's pace. Successful completion of the course requires a passing grade on the imbedded quiz at the end of the presentation.
Behavior and focus, muscle strength specific to vocalization, swallowing, flexibility, balance, cognitive thought enhancement and self-regulation are all improved through yoga, making it an ideal practice for children on the autism spectrum, ADHD, sensory processing and emotional/behavioral disorders. Yoga will engage the child, promote play, social interaction, speech, language, motor development, posture, breathing, mindfulness, and self esteem.
During this course therapists will learn an integrated system comprised of poses designed to increase cognitive and motor skills, strengthen core muscles, promote breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to improve concentration and reduce hyperactivity and assure healthy formative development of infants and toddlers

Course Learning Objectives

  • Therapist will be able to identify the benefits of Yoga as they relate to the speech development of the Special Child.
  • Therapist will be able to match the yoga level program to the child to best fit their developmental level.
  • Therapist will identify yoga techniques for each stage of the child?s speech development in the goals of care plans.
  • Therapist will be able to modify/adapt sessions/programs for a child?s special needs.
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