Selecting the Right Talent

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Course Abstract

HHS has approved this course for 1 CE credit hour previously.HHS no longer requires specific approval of ?558.260 courses. HHS approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.
This course consists of slides viewed at the participant's pace. Successful completion of the course requires a passing grade on the imbedded quiz at the end of the presentation.
This course explores the concept of matching talent to the role by comparing a Hiring Manager's role to a Casting Director's role for a Broadway musical. It Sets the Stage, explores the Casting Call, the Audition and the Decision. Find out how you too can hire your 'purple squirrel'!

Course Learning Objectives

  • To identify the 3 planning steps needed before beginning a talent search
  • To identify 3 options for getting the word out about your search
  • To identify a method used to identify talent
  • To identify why matching talents to job functions is important
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