The Art Of Discipinary Action

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Pre-Requisite Courses: NONE

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Course Abstract

This course has been submitted to HHS for 1.0 continuing education clock hours.HHS approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.
This course consists of slides viewed at the participant's pace. Successful completion of the course requires a passing grade on the imbedded quiz at the end of the presentation.
This course reviews the components needed to finesse the perfect bending of rules and expectations with accountability resulting in guilt free [for you] and self-imposed consequences [for them]. It takes practice to perfect this art.

Course Learning Objectives

  • To identify the 3 purposes of a disciplinary action.
  • To identify the 5 components of a solid foundation from which to establish disciplinary processes.
  • To identify the 6 progressive steps of the disciplinary process.
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